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Positions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in International rankings


Ease of doing business rating

Doing Business rating reflects the degree of ease of running small and medium businesses. Altogether, 11 indicators are currently evaluated: ease of creating a new business, obtaining building permits, connecting to electricity, registering property, obtaining loans, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, cross-border trade, contract compliance mechanisms, bankruptcy, as well as regulating the labor market. Doing Business is one of the most popular ratings of countries characterizing the state of the investment climate. In 2018, Uzbekistan was ranked 74th in the ranking. Uzbekistan rose by 92 positions compared with 2012.

Logistics Performance Index

Corruption Perception Index

Subjective level of the degree of corruption prevalence. Uzbekistan ranks 157th according to the results of the current year.

Index of Economic Freedom

The Environmental Performance Index is a combined index of the Center for Environmental Policy and Law at Yale University, which measures the country’s achievements in terms of the state of the environment and management of natural resources. Uzbekistan ranked 136th according to the results of 2018 ranking.

Knowledge Economy Index

The Knowledge Economy Index is a comprehensive indicator characterizing the level of development of the knowledge-based economy. It is assumed that the index should be used by states to analyze problematic issues in their policies and measure the country’s readiness to switch to a knowledge-based development model. This year Uzbekistan is ranked 105th out of 146 countries of the world.

Rating of the countries of the world in terms of scientific-research activity

The indicator of the level of scientific-research activity is considered one of the key indicators of the country’s scientific-technological development and is calculated as the total number of scientific-research articles published in peer-reviewed scientific magazines and publications included in the system of scientific citation index. The indicator of scientific-research activity of the countries of the world is published annually in a special report of the National Science Foundation of the United States called “Science and Engineering Indicators”. In 2017, Uzbekistan ranked 82nd among 195 countries of the world.

ICT Development Index

The index was developed in 2007 on the basis of 11 indicators that the International Telecommunication Union uses in its assessments of ICT development. The index brings these indicators into a single criterion, which is designed to compare the achievements of the world countries in ICT development and can be used as a tool for conducting comparative analysis at the global, regional and national levels. In 2017, Uzbekistan ranked 95th in the index.