For the purpose of development in the food industry of the region 60 projects are being organized for 355 billion soums. Implementation of these projects envisages creation of 1480 new jobs. For now, 24 projects with the total value of 189 billion soums were accomplished and 633 new jobs were created.

It accounts for 31.3% of the total volume of industrial production. More than 70% of the products manufactured by the industry are being produced by large enterprises specializing in the production of grain, oil and fat products and beverages and delivering them to consumers. There are 795 enterprises in the area of agricultural processing and food processing in the region, of which 9 are large companies and 786 are small enterprises.

There is a deficit of 18,000 tons for the population's need for oil and 27,900 tons of deficiency for sugar. The demand for missing vegetable oil and sugar is covered by import from other regions and countries.